Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS sales data in Australia

By Nicky Ruggler The Australian Financial Review article 3DS and Switch sales data for Australia are now available, giving us an unprecedented view of the Australian market.

The latest figures show that the Nintendo 3D handheld console is enjoying a strong showing in the country.

In the week to March 29, the Nintendo Switch had a whopping 1,868,000 sales across Australia, up from 1,614,000 a week earlier.

That is more than the entire retail and distribution of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined.

While Switch was the best selling game console for the week, the Wii U was still selling better than the average console by a significant margin.

It was only recently that Switch became the best-selling game console in Australia.

Switch’s sales were up from just over 1 million units in February to 1.2 million units a week later, an increase of over 500 per cent.

That is the largest jump since November, when the Nintendo Wii U launched.

The Switch is also the best performing handheld console for an Australian market year on year, beating both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by almost 50 per cent over the past two years.

For the third year in a row, the Switch sold more consoles in Australia than the PS4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita combined.

The Switch has also outsold the PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

It is hard to put a price on the appeal of Switch.

The console has a price tag of $399 for the base model, and the Pro model adds $400 to the price.

It comes with a Nintendo 3DO, the best gaming console for kids.

The Nintendo Switch is available in the US and UK, but there are no plans to release it in Australia in the near future.

The company says it is working to bring the system to Australia in a timely manner, and is confident of the system’s success in the long run.

The biggest selling console in the Australian games market is also arguably the most expensive, with a price of around $799 for the 3DS XL.

Nintendo’s latest consoles are also the most popular in Australia, but the company is hoping to make its next console more affordable and popular in the market.

As a result, Nintendo is releasing a new handheld, the NX, at the same time as the Switch and Switch Pro.

This is a move that will allow Nintendo to expand its range of Nintendo hardware to include a larger range of gaming systems, as well as more games.

Nintendo has been in Australia since 2007, when it first introduced the Wii.

The Nintendo 3ds was launched in March 2016, and has since become the best seller in the 3ds and the best performer in the portable console market.


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