How to change the colour of your Switch

By default, the Nintendo Switch looks pretty much the same as it does on the original Nintendo Switch.

But that’s not the case.

We have a number of different colour schemes for each Switch model and each has a different effect on how the Switch plays.

To change the Switch’s colour, you’ll need to turn off the ‘Custom’ option in the main menu and go to the Switch settings.

The Switch will then show you a new ‘Custom Switch’ menu which looks a little like this: It’s a bit confusing to explain how all this works, so let’s just start by explaining how a Switch will actually look.

The basic colour scheme looks like this, but you’ll notice that it changes depending on which Switch you have.

The first thing you’ll see is the Switch logo, which is what you see on the back of the Switch when you first turn it on.

Next up is the number 3, which indicates the colour you’ll be able to change.

Next you’ll get to the ‘Switch’ button, which will be your Switch’s ‘Back’ button.

Next on your back are your Joy-Cons, which you can use to move around the Switch and interact with its controllers.

You can also use the Joy-Con Grip to hold the Switch in a specific way.

Next, you have the Switch Switch logo.

Next to the logo is the ‘Color Change’ button and you’ll have to press it to change your Switch colour.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen, there’s the ‘Settings’ button which will let you change how the ‘custom’ Switch looks.

There are a number options here, including: The ‘Custom Mode’ option which turns off the custom Switch colour in the Switch Settings screen.

This will make the Switch appear more like the Nintendo Wii U and Xbox 360.

This mode can be enabled in the Settings screen by using the ‘Manage’ option.

You’ll also be able ‘Customise’ the Switch Colour with the ‘Change Colour’ option, which can be turned off by simply turning the ‘On’ option off.

The ‘Colour Change’ option allows you to change how a particular colour changes in the console.

This option lets you change the colours of the Joy Con Grip and Joy-Covers.

The Joy-Codes can also be changed by using a special ‘Laser’ mode which can also change colour.

You won’t be able change the color of the backside of the Nintendo Joy-Pad (which is the JoyCon controller) by using this option, but it does allow you to alter the colour and/or shape of the face buttons and the ‘Lift Switch’ button on the Joy Cons.

You will also be allowed to change which Joy-Commas you have, as well as the colours used on the Nintendo 3DS XL Joy-Pads.

Finally you can change the shape of a Joy-CON and add new colours to your Switch by choosing the ‘Add Colour’ or ‘Add Shape’ options.

Switch Switch colour and shape can also also be altered by using two separate ‘Custom Colors’ option options, which let you choose between two colours for the JoyCons and the Joysticks.

Custom Colour Switch Colour Switch Shape Change Color Change Colour Custom Color 1 Red 2 Yellow 3 Blue 4 Green 5 Orange 6 Blue 7 Yellow 8 Blue 9 Red 10 Blue 11 Green 12 Orange 13 Red 14 Blue 15 Green 16 Blue 17 Yellow 18 Green 19 Orange 20 Blue 21 Red 22 Red 23 Green 24 Green 25 Blue 26 Blue 27 Blue 28 Green 29 Green 30 Blue 31 Green 32 Blue 33 Green 34 Green 35 Blue 36 Green 37 Blue 38 Green 39 Green 40 Blue 41 Blue 42 Green 43 Green 44 Green 45 Blue 46 Green 47 Green 48 Green 49 Green 50 Green 51 Green 52 Green 53 Green 54 Green 55 Green 56 Green 57 Green 58 Green 59 Green 60 Green 61 Green 62 Green 63 Green 64 Green 65 Green 66 Green 67 Green 68 Green 69 Green 70 Green 71 Green 72 Green 73 Green 74 Green 75 Green 76 Green 77 Green 78 Green 79 Green 80 Green 81 Green 82 Green 83 Green 84 Green 85 Green 86 Green 87 Green 88 Green 89 Green 90 Green 91 Green 92 Green 93 Green 94 Green 95 Green 96 Green 97 Green 98 Green 99 Green 100 Green 101 Green 102 Green 103 Green 104 Green 105 Green 106 Green 107 Green 108 Green 109 Green 110 Green 111 Green 112 Green 113 Green 114 Green 115 Green 116 Green 117 Green 118 Green 119 Green 120 Green 121 Green 122 Green 123 Green 124 Green 125 Green 126 Green 127 Green 128 Green 129 Green 130 Green 131 Green 132 Green 133 Green 134 Green 135 Green 136 Green 137 Green 138 Green 139 Green 140 Green 141 Green 142 Green 143 Green 144 Green 145 Green 146 Green 147 Green 148 Green 149 Green 150 Green 151 Green 152 Green 153 Green 154 Green 155 Green 156 Green 157 Green 158 Green 159 Green 160 Green 161 Green 162 Green 163 Green 164 Green 165 Green 166


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