How to switch to the new Nintendo Switch

With the Wii U still a few years away from becoming the home console of choice, a growing number of gamers are now moving their online gaming to Nintendo’s next-generation console.

While some people prefer to play on their computers or mobile devices, Nintendo’s Switch is now the console of record for console gamers.

While some people are now going to try out the new Switch on their home consoles instead of on the Nintendo Switch, others are still playing on their PC, or even on a portable device like a tablet.

Nintendo’s decision to not allow players to use their own game consoles in the Switch’s launch lineup will also be felt by those who are playing online on Nintendo’s consoles.

Nintendo’s Switch has been the best-selling console for the last five years, and it’s expected to sell over 300 million units worldwide this year.

But that’s only half the story.

Nintendo is planning to launch at least 10 new consoles, including a handheld console, in 2019.

Nintendo Switch’s sales are expected to outpace the WiiU, but it still doesn’t account for the console’s sales of 2.7 million units in 2016, when it launched.

That’s the same as the Nintendo 3DS sold in 2016.


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