Why I’m not buying Nintendo Switch console

A couple weeks ago, Nintendo announced a Switch console.

Now, a new one has been announced, and it’s one that’s all about Nintendo, not Nintendo Switch.

It’s called the Nintendo Switch Pro, and this new device will cost $399, or $129 less than the new Nintendo Switch, which will cost about $499.

I’m actually excited about the new Switch Pro.

This is the first Nintendo Switch with a dedicated, full-featured gaming controller, and the new controller is great.

The Joy-Con controllers and Joy-Cons are great.

And the Switch Pro’s design is sleek and streamlined, which I really like.

(The new Nintendo Wii U Pro is also going to come with a controller, but that’s a separate device and has a price tag of about $100.)

I’ve played a few Nintendo Switch games, and so far I haven’t really found any issues with them.

But the SwitchPro’s controller is a lot more versatile, and I find myself using it in almost all my Nintendo Switch gaming.

But first things first, let’s talk about the Switch.

First, Nintendo says the Switch will be a lot cheaper than the Switch at launch, $399.

That’s great.

It’ll be a great deal for gamers who want to play games for the first time, but for everyone else, it’ll cost a lot.

The Switch Pro costs $129, which is a nice discount for a device that’s $100 less expensive than the Nintendo WiiU Pro.

The good news is that it’ll also be a better value than the WiiU when it launches on March 3.

Nintendo says it’ll be “fully compatible with the Wii U system,” which is pretty cool.

I haven, however, played the Nintendo Nintendo Switch since I bought it last fall.

It was my first time playing a game on a Wii U, and, well, that was pretty frustrating.

The WiiU has a full controller, so I just couldn’t find my way around.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a full-sized controller, either.

Instead, the Switch uses a touch screen that I don’t quite understand.

It uses a single, circular, square-shaped button on the back of the Switch, so that I can press it in the right direction when I want to go to the menu, for example.

When I press the touch screen, the Wii Remote turns on.

I also have a gamepad, which works like the Wii remote in a few ways, but it doesn’t work the same way.

It works fine when I’m using my Wii Remote in the gamepad mode, but when I switch to a different gamepad or control scheme, I get weird lag issues that don’t help with my game play.

For example, if I want the Wii Sports title to launch on the Switch and then switch to the controller mode and play the game, the game launches normally, but then the game crashes.

That happened when I switched the game controller to a controller mode that was also the game’s main controller mode.

It also happened when the game was playing on the Wii console with my Nintendo Wii Pro connected to the Switch in the Wii mode.

And I got the weird lag that only works on controllers that support this.

For the most part, though, I’ve gotten used to it, and Nintendo has said the Switch is designed to be compatible with games on all Nintendo consoles.

This will be true for the Switch when it goes on sale later this month.

When the Switch goes on store shelves, I expect to see a huge difference.

Nintendo’s new Nintendo console will look like a Nintendo game console, which means there will be the familiar, iconic Nintendo logo and a few new Nintendo-branded colors.

There’s also a bunch of new software features, like GameStream, which lets you stream your favorite games to the device.

Nintendo is also releasing the Nintendo Zone, which can be used to stream the Switch to the TV.

I’ll be honest, though: I don


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