Walmart switches lite cases,walmarts switch cases

By Jessica Mcclure / Business Insider Walmart is shifting its case-backing strategy, replacing all cases in its stores with “Lite Case” and making it easier for customers to return items without a hassle.

The Walmart website says the change is meant to be more efficient for customers, and to make it easier to return lost merchandise.

The change to lite-case cases is part of Walmart’s larger effort to improve customer experience.

The company has been rolling out more lite models to its stores to improve employee productivity.

Lite cases are made of heavy-duty, waterproof polyester that is lined with a material that lets it stand up to heavy use and rain.

The materials are made with a polyester/vinyl blend that is strong enough to resist rain, snow, and water, Walmart told Business Insider.

The company said it expects to begin rolling out lite backpacks to Walmart’s stores starting in 2019.

In addition to lites, Walmart also has a variety of cases, including softshell cases, insulated cases, and a limited-edition version of the original Walmart “Litesuit” case.

Walmart said it will start selling lite bags in its retail stores in 2019 as well.

The move comes as Walmart grapples with a changing customer base and a shrinking customer base.

Walmart’s average daily sales are down 2.7% in the last quarter, and the company reported a loss of $9.9 billion in the fourth quarter.

Walmart has been trying to get back to profitability in recent years, and it had been investing heavily in research and development.

In recent years it has started using robots to work in more retail locations and have begun to use machines to deliver products to customers.

Walmart also launched a new service in 2018 called the Walmart Robotics.

The new lite version of a case, or Walmart lite, is designed to withstand up to 12 feet of rain, but it doesn’t come with a zipper or a case that makes it easy for customers.

Customers will need to wear their Walmart shoes or other accessories to keep the case from getting wet.


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