Why you need to switch to Nintendo Switch headphones

Switch headphones have been a huge hit for Nintendo, with over one million sold so far, but now, it looks like they may be getting a second life with a new company.

According to reports, Nintendo will be developing an accessory for the company’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, that could be a new line of headphones for the system.

The Switch headphones are rumoured to feature a light switch wired to the back of the headphones and could feature a headphone jack to plug in your smartphone or tablet.

Nintendo’s Switch headphones were the first in the series to feature light switches, but this could be an attempt to appeal to more tech-savvy buyers.

While there’s no official word on whether or not this accessory will launch for the Nintendo system, a report in November suggested it was possible.

This news follows a string of Nintendo Switch accessories coming out in recent months, including the Switch headset, which looks like it could have a new wireless charging feature and a new case for the headset.

Nintendo has been looking for new ways to differentiate the Switch from the competition, but it’s not clear if the Switch headphones could be one of the new ideas.

If Nintendo is indeed working on an accessory, it’s likely that we’ll be hearing more about it as the year goes on.


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