Switch support could be coming soon, according to Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed that the Switch console will support remote light switches, something that was previously only available to Nintendo Switch owners.

Nintendo Switch will also feature a timer that can be activated remotely, with a feature that allows users to access the Switch without needing to leave their home.

“The Switch’s remote light controller features a simple and easy-to-use interface, so it is easy to set up and use,” Nintendo said in a blog post.

“It can also be used with a gamepad, as long as the gamepad is connected.”

According to the blog post, the remote light control feature will allow users to remotely control the Switch from anywhere, including in the living room.

“The remote light controls can be used for games and entertainment and can be programmed to activate with a simple press of the remote switch button,” Nintendo added.

“Users can also use the remote controls for remote play with other devices.”

A remote light light control, pictured, will allow remote control over the Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo explained.

“There are four different modes of remote control, and the controller can be set to activate in one of the following modes: Mode 1: The remote light will be set at the start of the game.

Mode 2: The light will turn on and off in a predictable manner.”

Mode 3: The lights will be turned on and then off in random ways.

Mode 4: The controls will be changed randomly.

The remote lights will also turn on when the Switch is being used.

“For example, you can change the light on and turn it off in the same game, or turn the light off and play another game without the light turning on at all,” the blog stated.

“You can also change the lights on and set the controls to automatically change the intensity of the light, so they will turn off automatically.”

It’s not clear whether the feature will be included in the Nintendo 3DS XL, but it’s unlikely that it will be a separate purchase from the Switch.


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