How to play in a 3-5 defense

The Cardinals are a lot like the Seahawks.

They play their 4-3 defense.

They run it.

They are known for it.

And, at times, they look more like the Raiders than the Seahawks do.

But with a few tweaks, the Cardinals’ defense can be just as effective as the Seahawks’ defense, according to’s Pro Football Focus.

Here are five keys to what works and what doesn’t.


Cover 3 defense The Cardinals’ Cover 3 defenses have been one of the most effective in football for a long time.

They’ve allowed just one touchdown and just three interceptions.

That’s because they’re so versatile.

In Cover 3, the players line up on the opposite side of the field and line up in three-man fronts, allowing the secondary to take a different look.

That way, the defense can’t cover the same areas over and over again.

If the offense runs a quick route on the outside, the safeties can switch into the slot.

If it’s the same route and the quarterback throws it into the flat, the defensive backs can switch to cover the tight end.

“It’s a lot more effective than, say, a nickel back or a corner, who are supposed to be a dime, or a slot receiver,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said.

“I think you have a lot of guys in Cover 3 that can play either way, and that allows you to be more aggressive.”


Don’t get too comfortable It’s hard to imagine a defense that could be effective without its own superstar at the quarterback.

There are few better than the Cardinals, and no team is better than them at getting the ball to their quarterbacks.

But there’s no question that the defense needs some time to develop.

So the Cardinals will need to do a better job of getting the players on the field to become comfortable with the system.


Find some rhythm Arians and general manager Steve Keim have done a good job of finding the right balance between giving the players some time and allowing them to get used to the system and learn how to play the game.

Arians has said he’s seen some of the Cardinals rookies improve as they learn the defense.

He’s also said that he expects the Cardinals to spend more time getting to know their new defensive coordinators than just getting them in pads.

“You’ve got to give them time to get familiar with the scheme, get familiar, get comfortable,” Arians told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“The last thing you want is to get them too comfortable.

You want them to feel comfortable.”


Get comfortable with one-on-one coverage A defense that can stop the run and the pass can be tough to defend, but that’s where the Cardinals shine.

They’re a great fit for that style of defense because of their speed and athleticism.

They can play man-to-man coverage, too, which gives them some speed to take on the run or the pass.

Arizona’s defense is especially adept at stopping the run because of the way the Cardinals run the ball.

Their offensive line has been phenomenal at blocking runs.

“When you put a defense in one-one, it’s going to be tough for the opposing team to run you over,” Arias said.


Stop the run defense The offensive line, and specifically offensive tackle Joe Barksdale, has been an outstanding part of the Arizona offense.

It’s one of Arias’ biggest strengths, and Barksdown’s play in his first year in Arizona has been one reason the Cardinals are among the best teams in football in stopping the rush.

But the Cardinals also have some help in the secondary, as well.

Arizona ranks second in the NFL in interceptions allowed, but it’s also ranked sixth in pass-defense DVOA.

The Cardinals have had success using their coverage packages to disrupt opposing offenses’ runs, but they’ll have to do it with some help.

“If you look at the numbers, if you look on the tape, there’s some guys that can do some good things, like we did against Washington,” Ariavs said.

“(And) that’s because of our cover-3, which is an extremely versatile cover.

And you can just play it anywhere, from zone, man-on, nickel, corner, or you can play it against man-cover.”


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